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Surya Solusi:
Tier-1 Solar Panel Distributor in Indonesia

Surya Solusi is an official distributor of top tier-1 solar panel brands that provide supplies applicable for industries, factories, and even residents’ houses. This project aims to gain new prospects and leads both for B2B and B2C customers.

The results are noteworthy, we have managed to perform an average Rp7.500 cost per chat during the peak period.

Project Story

Surya Solusi is the official distributor for top tier-1 solar panel brands worldwide. We provide the best quality products and top services. We aim to elevate brand awareness and gain quality leads, so we develop advertising strategies for both Google Ads and Meta Ads to achieve potential and relevant leads in solar panel industries.

To target specific and relevant audiences, we are focusing on developing hard-selling content to target specific demographic audiences. In results, we’ve obtained 1.30% CTR and on average IDR7,500 cost per chat.

Performance Metrics


Average Cost per Chat

*that’s approximately 60% lower than
the first 3 months of this project


Average Click-Through-Rate

*that’s 2x higher than the average
I’ve ever gotten across all brands